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End-to-End Security Case Study

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The client needed an end-to-end cybersecurity solution, from secure development training to securing their cloud infrastructure. SecurityBoat's team was asked to perform Web application, Mobile and Network Pentest. Additionally, we were asked to do firewall and cloud config audits.


We were able to address the client's requirements. We addressed it by providing secure development training to its developers, performing the pentest on the web application, mobile and network. In the end, we helped the client with firewalls and cloud misconfigurations. We could secure the client from most of today's attacks by the above process.

How Did We Do It?

What the client said about us!

We recently engaged SecurityBoat to provide cybersecurity services for our organization. We have been extremely satisfied with the level of service and expertise provided. The team at SecurityBoat was thorough and professional in their assessment of our security posture and provided clear and actionable recommendations for improvement.

The implementation of their recommended measures has already had a noticeable impact on our security posture, and we have full confidence in their ability to continue protecting our systems and data.

Overall, we highly recommend SecurityBoat for anyone in need of top-quality cybersecurity services

Key Outcomes for the Customer

  • Increased security of the IT network, web & mobile applications used to support their internal processes and software products due to comprehensive black, grey and white box pentesting and actionable guidelines on vulnerability remediation provided by SecurityBoat.
  • Enhanced the development teams' skills by secure code trainings
  • Solid reputation of a secure communication solutions vendor and increased customer trust.

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